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L2 HomeBuyers Report: Precision and Clarity

RICS L2 Survey (HomeBuyers Report)

A RICS Level 2 Survey is a survey designed for those who want a professional opinion of the condition of the main elements of a property. It will suit the vast majority of conventionally built properties, giving you enough information to make an informed decision and take action. The L2 is not suitable for significantly extended or altered buildings, unique, older historic properties, or properties in a neglected condition.

Helping you to make an informed decision

Our focus on detail, practical guidance, and prompt reporting ensures a seamless and efficient survey experience. Our HomeBuyers Surveys are benchmarked against the RICS L2 Home Survey Standard, to help provide all the information you need to know before comitting to purchase. 

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l2 or l3?

L2 Reports are designed for those wanting an insight into the key building elements. The reports are not as detailed or in-depth as a L3, however we provide you with key information on condition, repair and any further investigations which may be required. 

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Condition Ratings

The L2 Reports include a condition rating system with red, amber and green colours applied to the various property elements. This helps you to understand the urgency or severity of any defects identified during the inspection.  

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Something we include in all of our home survey reports is photographs. A typical survey report will include anywhere between 50 & 100 photographs to highlight any building defects, wants of repair and matters which require your attention.

Key L2 Survey Features

Inspecting subsidence


The L2 survey includes a comprehensive inspection structural elements, roofs, walls, dampness and various other elements. We also provide an overview of the services. 

Listed Building Survey Newbiur


Our reports are clear, jargon free and include photographs for your reference. The reports include information on condition and repair of your prospective purchase.

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Our team will discuss the property with you both before and after the inspection. This allows us to answer any of your questions you may have.