L3 Building Surveys

Our L3 Building Survey, formally known as a ‘Full Structural’ includes a highly detailed assessment of your prospective purchase. The L3 provides information on condition, repair, maintenance & other value-affecting matters displayed in a clear, jargon-free report with many photographs.

What is a Building Survey?

A Building Survey is an essential part of your home buying process which informs you of the property condition. The survey includes an inspection and report, both carried out by a highly experienced and RICS-qualified Surveyor. The survey will highlight concerns relating to condition, repair, maintenance and any other value-affecting matters. 

Should defects be identified, the report will advise you on how to address these problems. Gaining an understanding of issues prior to purchase will help you to budget for work or if necessary, re-negotiate.

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Do i need a L3 Survey?

The L3 is for those requiring a comprehensive assessment of their prospective purchase. Our bespoke Building Surveys are benchmarked against the RICS L3 Home Survey, with the addition of specialist report sections such as structural movement, dampness, alterations & extensions.

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Suitable property types

A common misconception is that L3’s are only for old buildings however these are simply for buyers wanting a comprehensive insight. Our L3’s are best suited to homes which are large, high value, in poor condition, have been altered and extended, of an unusual design or built pre 1950.

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How much does a l3 Cost?

Our Level 3 Building Surveys start from £900+VAT. The Harewood pricing structure is based on a variety of factors including location, size, property type and value. For us to provide you with a quotation for a pre-purchase L3 Building Survey, please click above or follow the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Key Building Survey Features

Aerial Assessment

Our building surveys include an inspection of roofs, chimneys, rainwater and roofline goods via drone or camera pole. This provides useful information on the condition of elements which may be concealed from a ground level point of observation.

Structural Assessment

A key part of your building survey will be an assessment of the structure. This is to ascertain the structural condition of the property, and whether there are any serious issues such as subsidence.

Dampness & Timber Decay

The inspection includes a thorough assessment for dampness and timber decay. These are two common and damaging building defects found in residential homes, and our survey will tell you if there are such issues and if found, what you need to do about it.


Our survey includes an assessment of the property services including fuel, electricity, plumbing, heating & drainage. We inspect the general age and condition of services and include information in your L3 Survey Report.

The Site & Grounds

The L3 includes an inspection of the grounds, including any permanent out-buildings such as garages. Fencing, garden walls and surface water drainage provisions are inspected.

• Detailed information on construction & condition

• Tailored repair & maintenance guidance

• Detailed advice on the remediation of defects

• An aerial inspection of the building

• Inspection of services & the grounds

• Pre-inspection consultation

• Optional Microsoft Teams post-report consultation

L3 Building Survey Report Extracts