Damp issues with leasehold flats London | Damp in leasehold flats London

Damp, leasehold flats, freeholders, managing agents…who is to blame??

Dampness in flats, there is often disagreement between leaseholders & managing agents/freeholders as to who is at fault. We are often appointed by both to diagnose the cause of damp affecting flats in both period properties and modern-built blocks. Quite commonly there will be various causes of damp such as external building failures or condensation occurring from within the property. The key is establishing a conclusive diagnosis of dampness so that repairs can be carried out by those liable. In our reports we provide detailed advice on damp causing defects along with pragmatic repair guidance. Our most recent inspection was to a Victorian aged block of flats in Richmond where we provided a diagnosis of damp. In this case, the cause of damp was defective chimney flashings, poor external masonry condition and condensation.

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