Damp & Timber Surveys

Harewood Surveyors specialise in damp investigations and all issues which relate to unwanted moisture in buildings. We fully understand how to diagnose dampness, using our experience, traditional and modern technology. Our specialist damp services are used for homebuyers, owners and asset managers.

What We Do

Our Surveyors specialise in building pathology, the causes and remediation of dampness and timber decay. We provide impartial, investigative surveys to help you understand your property and how to address defects which are causing issues with unwanted damp.

Survey Costs

The cost of an investigation survey depends on factors such as size, extent of issues and location. Surveys range between £400 & £1000+VAT. To request a quotation, please visit the contact page.

Damp Surveys London

Harewood provide damp and timber surveys across London, where we have saved clients hundreds and thousands of pounds in the process. Do not fall for the damp proofing scam, understand your building by engaging our damp and timber investigations.

Traditional Buildings

Most of the buildings we inspect involve old buildings which are inherently vulnerable to damp. We understand how moisture works in historic structures and how to address repairs sympathetically.

Modern Buildings

Our Surveyors have in-depth knowledge of modern construction and the defects which will cause damp.


Our Surveyors are equipped with the latest technology, from thermal imaging cameras, borescopes, drones and thermo-hygrometers.

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What is damp?

Damp is quite simply moisture which shouldn’t be there. Damp can result in minor issues such as plaster failure, to more significant structural defects such as rot and wood boring insect attack.

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How do you fix damp?

The successful remediation of dampness starts with a diagnosis. From here, suitable repairs can be tailored accordingly, taking into consideration the type, age, and construction of the building.

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should i treat damp?

99.9% of the time, damp does not require ‘treating’. The key is to establish the controlling factors of damp, so that the building element can be repaired. There can be many hundreds of causes.

Whats involved

Dampness & Timber Decay

The inspection includes a thorough assessment for dampness and timber decay. These are two common and damaging building defects found in residential homes, and our survey will tell you if there are such issues and if found, what you need to do about it.

Structural Timbers

Timer decay can cause significant structural issues. Our damp and timber surveys will inform you whether the property is at risk of structural defects as a result of dampness.

Aerial Assessment

If we suspect issues are related to the roof or chimney, we carry out an aerial assessment via drone or camera pole. This provides useful information on the condition of elements which may be concealed ground level.

Wood Boring Insects

Damp and timber surveys include an assessment for wood boring insect activity, also known as woodworm. These beetles can damage and affect the structural inregrity of a building.

Off-Site Testing

Some of our damp investigations include the need for off-site analysis. We test for hygroscopic salts including chlorides and nitrates, both of which cause dampness.

• A pre-investigation consultation

• A detailed assessment of the property, whether this be your home or prospective purchase

• Identification and advice on the controlling factors of dampness, with our findings displayed in a clear report

• A report with repair guidance, including photographs and diagrams to assist with remediation

• Useful information on traditional building repair and maintenance, such as the importance of correct material usage

The Importance of Impartiality

Harewood are completely independent. Our aim is to help you understand how your home works, how to address dampness and how to prevent it occurring in the future. There is no commercial gain for the repairs we recommend.

We DO NOT advocate the use of harmful and often inappropriate damp treatments such as tanking and chemical injection DPC’s. If you rely on a damp proofing contractor to advise on repairs, you may be sold unnecessary treatments which do not target the cause.

By obtaining independent, impartial advice, you will obtain a better understanding of your home and how to address issues with dampness.