Planned Maintenance Reports

Planned Preventative Maintenance Reports (PPM)

Condition Surveys For Owners & Asset Managers

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COndition Survey

Building surveys for asset managers to ascertain the condition and lifespan of various different elements, from the roofs down to the ground.

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Detailed Reports

Providing clear, informative reports with photographs and diagrams detailing the condition, repair and maintenance of various property elements.

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Valuable Reports

Our planned maintenance reports are valuable assets and these will help you to maintain and plan repairs for the property you own or manage.

Advantages of a Planned Maintenance Report

A Planned Maintenance Report by Harewood Surveyors not only allows you to anticipate future costs and schedule repair works to minimise disturbance but also extends the lifespan of your property by proactively addressing issues.

Our strategic planning and prioritisation of works enable you to focus on immediate concerns and prevent more costly repairs in the future, ensuring the usability, safety, and optimal value of the property over the years.