Roof Surveys

Independent Roof Surveys

Roof Surveys by Chartered professionals

We offer an independent roof survey service, which includes an assessment of elements including the roof covering (tiles), felt, battens, roofline goods, rainwater goods and chimney structures. We also inspect the condition of the supporting timber roof structures for issues such as structural weakness and timber decay.

For buyers, owners and asset managers

Our team provide roof surveys for homebuyers, home owners and assett managers. Surveys for homebuyers are useful to determine the condition of the roof prior purchase, which will allow you to budget for repair or replacements. Roof surveys for owners and asset managers helps to identify the condition of the roof and plan maintenance. 

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Why Trust Harewood Surveyors for Roof Surveys?

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Comprehensive Inspection

We meticulously assess both the roof structure and covering to ensure to provide detailed guidance on condition, repair and maintenance.

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Expert Analysis

Roof surveys are carried out by our qualified and experienced chartered building engineers and surveyors. 

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Practical Guidance

We offer pragmatic repair guidance, considering aspects such as cost and conservation, to help you plan future works.


Recent roof surveys

asbestos roof tiles

Asbestos Roof Tiles

Identification of asbestos diamond tiles on a mid-1900’s bungalow in Hampshire saved our client over £10,000 in replacement costs.

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Roof Survey London

Numerous surveys conducted in London revealed common defects related to weather tightness and parapet walls.

roof decay newbury

Roof Survey Newbury

An inspection in Newbury, Berkshire, revealed damage to timbers by a wood-boring-insect infestation, which was fortunately found to be most likely historic.